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Extra-curricular activities
Volunteer students from Vinh University in summer 2009
From July 21-27, 2009, a delegation of Vinh University’s steering committee of volunteer campaign in summer 2009 directed by Mr. Le Minh Giang paid a visit to encourage Vinh University’s volunteer students who were working in remote areas of Nghe An and Ha Tinh Provinces. The first impression of the delegation when meeting volunteer students was the enthusiasm and the responsibility of every volunteer despite difficulties in traveling, in every day activities and in healthcare. The dynamism and enthusiasm of Vinh University’s students motivate young generation in every corn of surrounding areas in particular and in Vietnam in general to develop their capacities, social understanding, knowledge and contribution to the development of out country. Results are to appreciate and here are some images showing their activities in Vu Quang Highland (Ha Tinh) and Ky Son remote district (Nghe An):
Support to families in difficulty in Huong Dien Commune - Vu Quang Disctrict
Photograph with Huong Dien group
Organization of some activities for children 
Just a moment for solar eclipse observation on Ho Chi Minh Highway
Nam Can group was doing local and border road sanitation (Nam Can Border)
Lets take a picture!
Let me wipe your face!
Traveling to Ky Son Forests
Traveling without fatigue! 
Ky Son impressive forests 
"Look! This rugger rock is very slippery...!"

Crossing a forest... 

Crossing a stream...
Are there terrestrial leeches?
How to cross this cliff?
Beautiful terrestrial leech! 
Lanmark L-2
Listening to Vietnamese-laotian landmark history!
Relaxing beside a stream 
Building a volleyball ground in Chanh mountain village - Ca Ta Commune - Ky Son District
Working with pionners
Let me give you a hand....!
An other volleyball is inaugurating!
Be more hardworking, young friends!
Close friendship!
Always in youth union activity program, July 26, 2009, Vinh University’s students participated in Volunteers honouring ceremony heading “Silent sentiments” in Giao Te Hotel. 44 teams and individuals belonging to 19 communities which had got excellent results in social activities were awarded.
Panorama of the ceremony
Mr. Vo Van Thuong had a speech!
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong had a speech
Awarded teams and individuals
Student Nguyen Thi Huong- Class 49A participated in exchanges.
Student Dang Minh Hang- Class 48A participated in exchanges
Mr. Vo Van Thuong took a picture with Vinh University's students
Mr. Vo Van Thuong talked to Vinh University's students

                                                                                                                         Photos and report by Le Minh Giang
Translation by Nguyen Van Hai


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