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Announcement on accommodation disposition in the dormitory of Vinh University academic year 2011-2012

Announcement on accommodation disposition in the dormitory of Vinh University academic year 2011-2012


 The dormitory of Vinh University is composed of following units:

-         The dormitory at its headquarter is built up 4 five-storey buildings with 216 rooms which are fully furnished of internet connection, AC, heater, TV, desk  and fan.

-         The second campus of dormitory is located in Nghi Loc District. It belongs to Agriculture-Forestry-Fisheries Faculty and Military Education Faculty.

-         The third campus is in Hung Binh Commune, Vinh City with a big building of nine stories, a canteen, garage, etc. This dormitory will be inaugurated and used in academic year 2011-2012.

-         The fifth dormitory is reserved to Lao students with a capacity of 54 rooms.

The security, environment sanitation and cultural activities are highly strengthened in dormitories so that students can live and work in the most convenient conditions. The disposition of accommodation is described as follow:


 1. Beneficiaries of dormitory:


1.1. Foreign students (obligatory)

1.2. Students of security squad formed by the University

1.3. Students of Vinh University in need for accommodation. The priority is given according to the list: Beneficiaries of social welfare, students in ethnic minority, orphan students, poor and underprivileged  students, others.


2. Procedures:


2.1. Registration:

- Application for accommodation (form by Vinh University)

- Presentation of ID card or student card to the responsible of dormitory (Fresh students have to present ID card, admission letter by Vinh University).

- Meeting with accommodation advisor.

- Payment of accommodation fees.

- Deposition of  payment receipt to the officer of dormitory who arranges suitable room to student.

- Checking the furniture and signing the renting contract.

2.2. Returning room:

Before returning room to the dormitory, students should tidy up the room, pay every obligation and give back room’s keys.


3. Accommodation fees:


3.1. The accommodation fees for foreign students are defined in training contract signed by Vinh University and foreign education institution or individual.

3.2. Vinh University’s students can find the details of accommodation fees in dormitory or at following email address: lekongduc@gmail.com

For further information, please contact the directorate of Vinh University’s dormitory:

Student Services Division

182, Le Duan street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Tel: 0084 383856701/ 0084 383855861

Fax: 0084 383 855 269

 Email: lekongduc@gmail.com

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