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About Vinh University
History of Vinh University


Founded on July 16, 1959 upon the decree No 375/ND on the establishment of Vinh teachers’ Training College branch by the minister of Education and Training. The first campus was located in ancient Monastery’s area. It was firstly renamed College of Teachers’ Training pursuant to the decision No 637/QD on August 28, 1962 by the minister of Education and Training. It takes the name of Vinh University since April 25, 2001 upon the Decision No 62/2001/QĐ-TTg by the Primer Minister.
Vinh University, placed under the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, is a major, public, comprehensive, research university. Vinh University is among the nation's most academically diverse public universities. It has a long history of established programs in international education, research and service. The decision No 62/2001/QĐ-TTg promulgated on April 25, 2001 by the Primer Minister defined the mission of Vinh University to train high-qualified teachers and to open step by step other specialties in concordance with its capacity and social need of human resource and scientific research for socio-economic development.
The main goals are to train multidisciplinary and multilevel teachers and researchers and to do scientific and technological research connected with training and application of science in life. VU also assists and consults other regional universities, colleges, vocational schools and other institutions in teaching/learning activities and personnel improvement. VU itself mobilizes its potentials, extends cooperative relations and democratizes its activities to become a major university in Vietnam and furthermore in the world.
Vinh University’s curriculum is set up based on curriculum standard regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training, with selected syllabus of international advanced curricular and with the consideration of society’s need. Vinh University presently applies credit-based system training. VU completes some international level syllabus by 2010.
Students and training scale
Vinh University is home to 34.000 students from 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam and to 600 oversea students from Lao PDR, Thailand, China, etc. Training program of Vinh University has been updated and improved to meet social needs. Vinh University assures 43 undergraduate courses, 33 postgraduate courses, a high school for gifted students.
Vinh University has a modernized and innovated system of libraries, learning materials and facilities which satisfy multidisciplinary training. Standard classrooms, amphitheaters and labs are built for training and research activities.
In parallel way with the improvement of infrastructure in its first campus (14ha), Vinh University has started building its second campus (258ha) which will be home to Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Faculty, Center for military Education and some other divisions. In addition, Vinh University established some other satellite campus serving scientific experience, research and technology transfer such as aquaculture camp in Hung Nguyen District, center for aquaculture in Nghi Xuan district – Ha Tinh Province, etc.
 Vinh University has more than 800 staff of which 3 professors, 34 associate professors, 4 high-ranking lecturers, 133 senior lecturers (of 556 lecturers), 15 senior specialists, 250 specialists and technicians, 108 doctors, 308 masters and a wide range of qualified staff known as bachelors and engineers. Besides, hundreds of scientists, lecturers and specialists work as guest lecturers and contracted staff.
Vinh University has got brilliant results in scientific research, technology application, development and transfer. Its scientists carried out indeed 19 national level scientific themes, 147 ministerial level scientific themes, 1,555 grassroots level scientific themes (university and faculty levels). Scientific research is more and more connected with social needs and its application in people’s life is gradually effective.
International cooperation is eventful of hundreds visits per year and a wide range of training cooperation contracts with foreign institutions. More than 30 foreign universities, science institutions and educational organizations come to Vinh University in order to share professional experience, to look for cooperative opportunities and to make investment in training and research fields.
Vinh University has been known as excellent state education and training institution. Thus, it has been honored with many valuable distinctions such as:
-          Second ranking Labor Medal (1979)
-          First ranking Labor Medal (1992)
-          Third ranking Independence Medal (1995)
-          Second ranking Independence Medal (2001)
-          Title of Labor Hero (2004)
-          Excellent competition banner by Vietnamese government (2007)
20 lecturers are rewarded as people teachers and excellent teachers. 9 divisions and 17 individuals are given Second and third ranking labor medals for their contribution to the educational and training activities.
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