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Celebration of 10th anniversary of Civil Engineering Faculty

 The Faculty of Civil Engineering celebrated its 10th anniversary on April 27, 2012 with the participation of competent authorities of VinhUniversity, Nghe An Transport Department, Nghe An Sciences and Technology Department, Ha Tinh Planning and Investment Department and guests from different related organisms.

Founded in 2002 with a scale of 100 students in the first course, the Faculty has grown considerably with a total number of 2,000 students at present. The Faculty’s personnel is qualified according the Vietnamese standard and has been further developed on international standard.  80% of lecturers have their own updated course-books. A large number of scientific research works at institutional and national level have been carried out by the Faculty’s scientists. That demonstrates the strength formed by lecturers and students of the Faculty so far. This effort will be more improved to build a leading training faculty. Recognizing its contribution to the society, the President of Nghe An People’s Committee awarded the Certificate of Merit (a honourable distinction) to the Faculty.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Dinh Xuan Khoa, President of Vinh University, highlighted the importance of political thought education, specialized knowledge improvement, sufficient and competent staff forming and student affairs solution. In scientific research, the Faculty should collaborate with other institutions to strengthen its activities in this field so that the Faculty becomes a centre for applied research and publication exchange in civil engineering in Northern Vietnam and all over the country.

On this occasion, the Faculty held a conference on “Composition solutions and new technology application in construction” at which 21 scientific reports were presented and discussed.


Here are some pictures of the celebration:






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