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Vinh University and University of South Florida, USA, to carry out the summer school program in 2012

In an annual summer program of student exchange and scientific research collaboration, a delegation from the University of South Florida (USF) came to Vinh University (VU) on July 16, 2012. Prof. Frank Biafora and Prof. Sarath Witanachchi are two lecturers from USF to conduct their delegation including 2 teachers and 8 students in carrying out activities from July 16-29, 2012. Together with USF’s delegation, Vinh University selected 8 students good at English to join activities and contacted concerned authorities and associations in case of need.

The program aims at giving lectures on compared cultures and sociology, sustainable energy by two American professors, lectures on the Vietnamese literature, culture and history by lecturers of Vinh University; effectuating common research topics; visiting museums and Nghe An-Ha Tinh’s landscapes; visiting some Vietnamese student families; attending volunteer activities and joining local cultural activities.
In addition to American teachers’ courses, some Vietnamese teachers gave lectures on the Vietnamese literature, culture and history to American students. These lectures partially highlighted some typical Vietnamese and American cultural characteristics. Similar but also different cultural and historical characteristics were respectively and constructively discussed, compared with each other, experienced and evaluated.
Despite the rude summer weather in Central Vietnam, American students have successfully overcome difficulties to join activities. Prof. Frank Biafora and Prof. Sarath Witanachchi seem to be very satisfied to see the success of the program and their students can improve abroad knowledge and living skills. Additionally, they expressed their happiness to bring some thing useful regarding American culture and language to the VU’s students.
An important part relies on mutual scientific research activities between USF and VU. Some topics have been proposed for mutual research in coming year.
The delegation keeps going on their activities at Vinh University and in neighboring localities until July 29th, 2012.
Here are some pictures of the delegation’s activities:
Report by Nguyen Van Hai
Photos by Le Minh Giang
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