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Vinh University worked with Lao Education Departments

On May 30 2009, a delegation from Vinh University led by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Minh Hung, Vice Rector, accompanied by his staff, Dr. Le Cong Thin, Head of International Cooperation Department and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Trong Van, Dean of Postgraduate Education Faculty paid a visit to LAO PDR and worked with Lao Education and Training Departments. The mission was firstly marked by a workshop with Xieng Khuang Education Department on student admission plan for academic year 2009-2010 and volunteer student program in summer 2009. The leaders of Xieng Khuang Education Department warmly received VU’s delegation and reported on the situation related to cooperative program between 2 institutions (partners). According to the discussion on criteria and quotas for academic year 2009-2010 between 2 educational institutions, Vinh University will admit more than 200 Lao students selected by Xieng Khuang Education Department. Student Admission criteria  for secondary, graduate and postgraduate educations are applied as defined in previous years.  Vinh University’s volunteer students will not come to Lao in these November and December 2009 because Lao students will be busy with studies in summer and volunteer program for Sea Games in LAO PDR.  As scheduled, the delegation of Vinh University had a meeting with authorities and representatives from Xieng Khuang Provincial People’s Committee.  After a report on cooperative program and a proposition of training plan for coming years, authorities of Xieng Khuang Provincial People’s Committee talked about Friendship Medal given to Vinh University for its effective contribution to Lao human resource training, especially to Xieng Khuang Province education.

The representatives of Vinh Universriy continued to work with Khang Khoang Teachers’ Training junior College and Xu Va Nu Vong University. They detailed the cooperative program in postgraduate training for these two educational institutions and defined student recruitment conditions. Vinh University, Khang Khoang Teachers’ Training junior College and Xu Va Nu Vong University signed a memorandum of understanding detailing postgraduate training program. Lao partners will report to their Education Ministry and ask for setting up cooperation in education with Vinh University. The cooperation program will start immediately after receiving the agreement of Lao Education Ministry.

To finish the mission in Lao PDR, Vinh University’s delegation worked with Luang Prabang Education Department. Vinh University reported on studying and research situation of Lao students at Vinh University. Lao partner highly appreciated student training of Vinh University. Two partners  discussed  the plan for a new academic year 2009-2010.
The delegation’s mission was really successful. It contributed to expand international cooperation with countries in the region in which Lao is a traditional and strategic partner.

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