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Hong He University delegation’s visit to Ho Chi Minh homeland

After the meeting with the leaders of Vinh University, the Hong Ha University’s delegation suggested visiting the President Ho Chi Minh’s homeland although the sun was burning hotand outdoor temperature came up to 40 degree Celsius. Vinh University happily created a chance for the delegation to visit with the help of the International Cooperation Department. The delegation began the journey although at midday. It was the hottest moment of the day because they also had a plan to go to Cua Lo Beach in the afternoon. When asked the purpose of the visit, Professor Banh Cuong, Vice Rector of Hong Ha University said: “This is a good opportunity for me to learn more about a genius leader of Vietnamese pepole, who has a simple lifestyle. It is also a good chance for our young teachers to understand, study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s thought and ways of living.”

Looking at the sweat trickling down the face of Professor Banh Cuong, we, the guides, felt very glad and proud of our greatly beloved President, Ho Chi Minh. While visiting the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh’s mother, everyone was surprised to see a homely, typical cottage of Nam Dan, Vietnam. Seeing the bamboo gate, rose mallow fence, row of Chinese teas, rows of arecas, rows of strawberries and green longans, the delegation felt the image of Uncle Ho manating from the very walls of the house. Mingling with the stream of people going into the house, the visitors enjoyed hearing the guide’s information on the interior furniture. Walking to the school house run by Hoang Duong, the maternal grandfather of President Ho Chi Minh, the visitors were again surprised at what they saw. They wondered how such a small house with such rudimentary furnishings like a simple giong ( a local word refers to a wooden bed that is jointed by 4 pieces of flat wood) could train such brilliant men. The visitors also learned that Mrs Hoang Thi Loan, President Ho Chi Minh’s mother, was always anxious about her family.She both looked after the children and fed her family by earning money at hand weaving. After visiting the home of President Ho Chi Minh’s mother, the visitors went to the home of President Ho Chi Minh’s father. There, they saw the roll of honor of Nguyen Sinh Sac, President Ho Chi Minh’s father. In the kitchen, whose walls were made of earth mixed with straw, the visitors saw many tools and simple daily necessities and a stove. The simplicity of the house clearly did not circumscribe from the greatness of the leader,on the contrary, it contributed to the greatness of the character of President Ho Chi Minh, affectionately called Uncle Ho.


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