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Detailing cooperative program between Vinh University and Victoria University – Australia

On behalf of Vinh University, Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Ngoc Hoi, president and representatives of related divisions met with representatives of Victoria University: Ms. Danielle Horvath (General Manager – Business Development International) and her staff.
Two sides decided to detail our program of cooperation based on the articles defined in the memorandum signed on February 24, 2009. Detailed discussions were carefully and effectively entered.
As engaged in the memorandum, two universities discussed the program of training bachelors in Education Management and economic sciences. To promote these training programs, Vinh University and Victoria University decided to open an English class for candidates applying for Education Management. After finishing discussion about general plan with a very high agreement, Victoria University’s delegation had a technique meeting with different actors participating in cooperative program within the agreement between Vinh University and Victoria University. This is a feasible cooperative program which helps Vinh University to train education managers at international level good at not only professional knowledge but also English language.
Expectedly, Vinh University and Victoria University will open the first master course on Education Management. To apply for this course, candidates have to improve their English skill. Two Universities Vinh and Victoria are setting up an English class to help them with the improvement. The same procedure will be applied to any other course in cooperative program of two universities.

In parallel with postgraduate training enrolment, Vinh University and Victoria University are setting up an English center on Vinh University’s campus to improve general English skills of students living around Vinh University and/or employees working in different sections in Vietnam in general and in Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Thanh Hoa provinces in particular.

Victoria University - Australia

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