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Academic cooperation Agreement between Vinh University and Guangxi Vocational Institute – China

After an official meeting with Vinh University’s direction, Vocational Institute of Guangxi City decided to cooperate with Vinh University in language training. Two sides assure the mutual respect, equality and benefit by signing the academic agreement defining articles related to the Vietnamese language teaching for Chinese students at Vinh University.

After two years of learning Vietnamese at GuangXi Vocational Institute, Students are sent to Vinh University to study Vietnamese one year. Two institutions call this modality program “2+1”. Duration of course is determined 10 months (one academic year): from February to December. Students can stay in Vinh University’s dormitory.

The curriculum is proposed by Guangxi Vocational institute, Vinh University has to assure the quality of training by teaching 25 periods per week. During the studies, students have one month professional practice in different localities of Vietnam (determined by Vinh University). Students are beneficiary of free local sightseeing within Nghe An Province. If they want to travel outside Nghe An Province, they have to pay 70% of their visit charge and 30% is supported by Vinh University. At the end of the course, Vinh University carries out the evaluation of student’s workload and delivers the certificate recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.

Others articles related to students transfer were clearly defined to start a new modality of training with Chinese partners.

Report by Nguyen Van Hai
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