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Academic cooperation agreement between Vinh University and Guangxi University for Nationalities – China

More cooperation with Chinese partners marked by the signature of academic agreement between Vinh University and Quangxi University for Nationalities on May 27, 2005.

Several meetings have been held to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Vinh University and Quangxi University for Nationalities. Leaders of two universities expressed their wish to set up a long term relationship and perennial cooperation in both academic and social affairs. Recognizing each other’s potentials, two universities invited their partner to visit their campus and learn about cooperation potentiality appropriate for their institution.

Their effort results in the signature of academic agreement on May 27, 2005 which is considered as a start point to every further cooperation. The agreement includes five key points:

  1. Lecturer and expert exchange:
       Modality of exchange is based on the needs and capacity of each university. The exchange includes interesting teaching, study and research activities. Specific conditions of exchange will be determined by two universities.
  1. Student exchange
     -         Two universities agree to admit student of their partner to continue their studies on their campus with detailed determinations of tuition fees and other expenses.
     -         BSc. Training upon the modality “2+2”. Students study two first years at home university and two final years at host university. The degree will be conferred by both institutions. Detailed articles will be discussed by specialized divisions of two universities and approved by the president of each side.
    -         Guangxi University for Nationalities admits Vietnamese students sent by Vinh University to study the Chinese language or other majors. After getting HSK level of Chinese, students can apply directly for any majors they like. The tuition fee is clearly defined.
   -         Chinese side also admits Vietnamese gifted students to do master’s course in China with a privileged tuition fee.
   -         Accommodation are offered with a modest fee (including some priorities).
  1. Educational and cultural studies
Two universities agree to send their lecturers and students to do short term professional practice on language and culture discovery in China or Vietnam. Host university has to arrange accommodation, transport, organization and immigration procedure; home university has to dispose a suitable budget for any activities.
  1. Exchange of training materials and research information:

         The exchange is regularly done upon specific articles minutely discussed by concerned divisions of each university.

      5.   Mutual visit

Two universities send regular delegation to evaluate training situation at the partner’s university. They share with each other any expenses for this kind of business trip.
The agreement is solemnly signed in the witness of heads of different divisions and staff of Quangxi University for Nationalities.

Report by Nguyen Van Hai

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