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Điểm thi ĐH-CĐ 2009
The first successful entrance examination for postgraduate program in academic year 2012

Vinh University successfully organized the first entrance examination for postgraduate program on April 6, 7 and 8 of this year according to the approval by Education and Training Ministry.

There were 610 candidates who took part in this examination in two different places: Vinh University campus and Sai Gon University. At Vinh University, 306 candidates for 26 training specialties were placed in 12 rooms, and 11 rooms were used for 304 candidates for 15 training specialties in Sai Gon University. According to the statistics, at the end of the examination, there were 1 absents and 2 fined candidates for cheating reason.

For this successful examination, Vinh University had done very good preparations including student enrolment announcement, additional subjects completion, logistical preparations for the examination, etc. Vinh University mobilized 78 staff as supervisors.

Despite some difficulties at the beginning regarding the organization, the entrance was finally successful.

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