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Điểm thi ĐH-CĐ 2009
Announcement of Vinh University about upgrading training level for junior college graduates.

Announcement of Vinh University about upgrading training level for junior college graduates.

1. Training majors


1. BSc. in mathematics

9. BSc. in Finance and Banking

17. Engineering of Civil and industrial construction

2. BSc. in informatics

10. BSc. in Business management

18. BSc. in Applied Mathematics and Informatics

3. BSc. in physics

11. BSc. in English

19. Engineering of Chemical Food Processing

4. BSc. in chemistry

12. Engineering of IT

20. BSc. in Civic Education – Law

5. BSc. in biology

13. Engineering of Electronics and Telecommunications

21. BSc. in Law

6. BSc. in philology

14. Engineering of Aquaculture

22. BSc. in Tourism

7. BSc. in history

15. Engineering of Agromony

23. BSC. in Social works

8. BSc. in accountance

16. Engineering of Agriculture encouragement and Rural Development



2- Candidature:

Graduates from Junior Colleges (regular training) in academic year 2008 and before can apply for this level upgrading program. Candidates have to choose the same major and foreign language they studied at Junior College. For candidates who graduated in academic year 2009, their result must be at good level and above.  


Second foreign language for English major is French, and that of other majors is English.


3- Examination subjects:

a) basic subject

b) specialized subject            


4- Training modality:

Regular training according to credit-based system training from third year. At the end of the course, graduates will be conferred university diploma.

5- Exam schedule:                       August 15, 2009

6- Tuition fee:      The tuition fee is coverd by students based on Vinh University’s stipulation.

7- Registration schedule:  Application has to be done from July 20 to August 5, 2009 at the office of Training – Vinh University


Registration application encloses:

1. Registration form (No 1 et 2)

2. Junior college diploma (certified at Notary’s office)

3. CV

4. Priority’s proofs (if any).

5. Two photos (4X6cm) (with full name and date of birth at the back)

6. One stamped envelop with relevant address.

7. Registration and exam fees: 80,000.00 VND + 120,000.00VND


For more information, please contact the division of Training – Vinh University – 182, Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam.


Tel: 0383.856394; 0904059789


Đề cương ôn thi: TB_De_cuong_091906151944.doc

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